Stormhawk Interceptor / Stormtalon Gunship

Stormhawk Interceptor / Stormtalon Gunship


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The Stormhawk Interceptor is the premier air attack craft of the Space Marines. Heavily armed and armoured, it makes an incredibly deadly dogfighter, ensuring that the skies of the battlefield are controlled only by the Emperor’s finest.

The Stormtalon Gunship acts as a versatile gunship, fully capable of both supporting ground troops with strafing fire and dogfighting all but the swiftest of airborne threats.


This multi-part plastic kit contains all the components necessary to assemble one Stormhawk Interceptor, ruler of the skies and destroyer of the Imperium’s flying enemies. Armed with a twin-linked assault cannon, a las-talon (which can be replaced with an icarus stormcannon,) twin-linked heavy bolters (which can be replaced with either a skyhammer missile launcher or typhoon missile launcher) and an infernum halo-launcher. 

This kit can also be used to assemble the Stormtalon Gunship which can be equipped with an array of weapons including a twin-linked
heavy bolter, a twin-linked assault cannon, a twin-linked lascannon, a
typhoon missile launcher or a skyhammer missile launcher.


Supplied with a transfer sheet, one Citadel 120mmx92mm Oval base and a flying stem.

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