Necromunda: Zone Mortalis Gang Stronghold

Necromunda: Zone Mortalis Gang Stronghold


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Expected Release: 31-10-2020



When the palce you live translates to “the deadly ground” it’s no surprise you want a safe place to get clean your gear, fill your belly or get some shuteye. The Zone Mortalis is filled with constant firefights these short-range fleeting engagements can be as deadly as any major conflict.


This is a fully compatible Zone Mortalis kit and is a great way to build up an epic Necromunda table. Defend your stronghold from the enemy, raid a rival gangs vault or just a fantastically versatile modelling project, the choice is yours.

This 157-part plastic kit makes one Zone Mortalis: Gang Stronghold, consisting of:
– 1x Watchtower
– 1x Gunk Tank
– 1x Set of Stronghold Gates
– 4x Stronghold Walls
– 2x Stronghold Corners
– 1x Stronghold Wall Extension

The set includes rules and direction for using the various more unique elements of the terrain set in games of Necromunda, including rules for the stronghold gate, the watchtower, the gunk tank and firing ports along the edge of the Stronghold.

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