Harlequin Starweaver / Voidweaver

Harlequin Starweaver / Voidweaver


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Among the heaviest vehicles in use by the forces of the Harlequins, the Voidweaver shares a chassis with the Starweaver, although each performs a different role on the stage of battle. The Starweaver allows a troupe of Harlequins to travel to their next performance with a speed that even their legendary athletic ability fails to match, whilst protecting them with blurs of colour and explosions of light from it’s mirage launchers. The Voidweaver meanwhile acts as a swift gunship, bringing incredible firepower to bear against an unguarded quarter of the enemies forces.


This box contains everything you need to make either a Voidweaver or Starweaver. Both variants are made from the same chassis, with the choice of crew and weapon mounts determining the variant that you complete.

The Voidweaver is a mobile gun platform armed with 2 shuriken cannons, one is under-slung beneath the front of the vehicle and the second is rear-facing and mounted on the platform on the top of the Voidweaver. You also have a choice of either a pintle-mounted haywire cannon or a prismatic cannon and the option to add 3 banks of mirage launchers. There is a separate gunner model who can be assembled so that he is standing, attached to either the top shuriken cannon or pintle-mounted weapons.

The Starweaver is armed with 2 shuriken cannons and 3 banks of mirage launchers. There is also a rappelling line that can be attached to the back of the vehicle. There are 2 crew members that can be modelled onto the rear of the Starweaver, armed with a choice of star bolas, sword or zephyrglaive, whilst there are 2 arms that will hold onto the vehicle itself.

Whichever variant you decide to make, both bikes have the option of 9 pairs of masks that can be added to the side of the vehicle. There are 5 heads with space to add one of 10 individually designed masks for both the pilots and crew, as well as 2 complete masked heads. Also included are 2 clear canopies that can be glued on to completely enclose the cockpit, or used to just cover the lower section.

This multi-part plastic kit contains 94 components with which to make 1 Voidweaver or Starweaver. Also included is 1 large flying base and a Harlequins transfer sheet.

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