Aeldari: Wraithknight

Aeldari: Wraithknight


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Expected Release: 13-07-2017



Gargantuan war machines of the Aeldari, the Wraithknights are piloted by the spirit of a long dead Aeldari hero. Wielding mighty Ghostglaives, incandescent Suncannon, or the terrifying Heavy Wraithcannon, these sleek and agile war machines are more than a match for the lumbering constructs of the younger races.


Dominating the tabletop, the Wraightknight is an enormous model, standing almost 9” tall at its highest point at the top of the Warp vanes. There are a variety of different armaments available to this kit. Its left arm can be equipped with either a wraithcannon or a scattershield. The right arm has a choice of wraithcannon, ghostglaive or suncannon. There are two of each of the following secondary weapons: shuriken cannon, a scatter laser and a starcannon, These are shoulder mounted and can be taken in any combination. As if that wasn’t enough, there are a variety of closed and open fists, allowing you even more options for customisation.


This multi-part plastic kit contains 114 components with which to make one Eldar Wraithknight.

This kit comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly.

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