Adepta Sororitas Repentia Squad

Adepta Sororitas Repentia Squad


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When an Adepta Sororitas breaks one of the many laws and codes of her Order, she may be ostracised from her Sisters. Stripped of her wargear and dressed in rags, she will be grouped in squads with other penitents to form a Repentia Squad. Armed with a massive and brutal Eviscerator, she will attempt to atone for her crimes both real and imagined through the purgation of her flesh and the blood of mankinds many enemies. Led by a veteran Repentia Superior who will flagellate her charges with excruciating neural whips and bellow passages of redemption from the many holy works of the Imperial Creed, the Repentia willingly throw themselves into the fire and madness of the battlefield, searching for forgiveness.


This plastic kit will build 9 Repentia armed with Eviscerators and a Repentia Superior. Each Repentia has a choice of two sets of arms to add variety to your unit, while the Repentia Superior can be built wielding two neural whips – one coiled, one lashing out. Alternatively one whip can be replaced with a holy tome. The Repentia Superior can also be built with a choice of two heads, either helmeted or bare.


This set is supplied in 95 plastic components and contains 1x Citadel 32mm Round Base and 10x Citadel 28.5mm Round Bases

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