Qapu Khalqi Sectoral Starter Pack

Qapu Khalqi Sectoral Starter Pack


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Expected Release: 18-09-2013


This miniature box contains a compilation of previously released figures, the best choice to start a Sectorial Haqqislamite army in the Sultanate’s service.

Haqqislam has to protect its interests in interstellar trade and Silk traffic. For that purpose it has the Qapu Khalqi, an army that combines the best of the Sword of Allah, Haqqislam’s army, with mercenary and corsair elements.

This box contains
3 Hafzas, troopers able to deceive enemies thanks to their Holoprojectors, two armed with Rifle + Light Shotgun and one with a Spitfire
1 Odalisque, a beautiful bodyguard armed with a Spitfire
1 Al Hawwa’ tactical Hacker
1 Djanbazan sniper, a tough trooper thanks to his Regeneration Special Skill.

All of them are ready to enforce the Sultanate’s imperative: the Silk must flow!

Models are supplied unpainted, and some preparatory work may be required as well as assembly.

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