Moomin Dice Bag

Moomin Dice Bag


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Expected Release: 03-09-2020


Moomin Dice Bag

We all know and love the Moomins. As children, we would gladly sit in front of a TV to watch an episode of their adventures, listen to our parents read books about them, or read them ourselves. To this day, many people around us use Moomin characters as a reference for some character traits. Who doesn’t know a girl who thinks she is like Little My, or who has dreamy eyes after Snufkin? Who among us was not afraid of the Groke, who was not fascinated by Hattifatteners? “Moomins” is one of those stories that accompany us for a large part of our lives, for better and for worse.

One of the most important and characteristic places in the Moomin Valley was the Moomin House. That’s where the whole family used to meet and live, that was where their friends used to come. That was there that they hid from the Groke (when they did not understand her yet), there they sheltered those who were lost or in need of care. The Moomin House is the friendliest and safest place in the world, created by cartoonist and writer Tove Jansson. That’s why it’s on our purse!

As you know, dice should be kept together, safe, and calm. The dice bag is the perfect place – in this case, even more so, because what place will be more suitable for our Moomin dice set? Here’s a way for them to live in their home!

Home is where…

… we all know the saying. Is there anything more true out there? Our childhood friends deserve their cozy place where they can hide from the storm (and the Groke), fall asleep peacefully in comfortable beds, receive guests, and organize afternoon tea with Moomin Mummy cake. Moomins have always been hospitable, so they will gladly welcome visitors from near and far – each set of dice will find its place here, surrounded by friendly creatures and the peace of the Moomin Valley.

The “Moomin” dice bag is made of a strong and soft 190p cotton, 12 cm long, 11 cm wide, tightened at the top with a strong string. It will easily accommodate five full sets of dice, and there will also be room for more – there will be a warm corner for anyone in the Moomin House!

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